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Microsoft AI Teach Program

Microsoft AI Teach is a capacity development program aimed to develop & enhance the ASEAN Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) landscape by providing educators and students with practical AI skills, fostering innovation through hackathon activities, and creating a pipeline of AI-ready graduates for industries.

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Modul Pembelajaran "Microsoft-Generative AI"

Memberdayakan para pendidik dengan keterampilan AI untuk membangun tenaga kerja di masa depan

Module 1: A Guide to Artificial Intelligence
1.0 What is artificial intelligence?
1.1 Foundational concepts of AI
1.2 What is machine learning?
1.3 Types of machine learning
1.4 An application of machine learning
1.5 How are AI and machine learning connected?
1.6 What is deep learning?
1.7 How are machine learning and neural networks connected?


Module 2: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Trainers
2.0 Integrating artificial intelligence in education
2.1 AI and the future of education

Module 3: Exploring Artificial Intelligence in Action
3.0 Common AI subsets
3.1 AI-powered tools in education
3.2 Evaluating the efficacy of AI systems

Module 4: Artificial Intelligence in Teaching and Learning
4.0 Activities for trainers
4.1 Activities for your learners

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