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Microsoft AI TEACH Program

Microsoft AI TEACH is a capacity development program aimed to develop & enhance the ASEAN Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) landscape by providing educators and students with practical AI skills, fostering innovation through hackathon activities, and creating a pipeline of AI-ready graduates for industries.

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Modul Pembelajaran "Microsoft-Generative AI"

Memberdayakan para pendidik dengan keterampilan AI untuk membangun tenaga kerja di masa depan

Introducing to AI

Module 1: A Guide to Artificial Intelligence
1.0 What is artificial intelligence?
1.1 Foundational concepts of AI
1.2 What is machine learning?
1.3 Types of machine learning
1.4 An application of machine learning
1.5 How are AI and machine learning connected?
1.6 What is deep learning?
1.7 How are machine learning and neural networks connected?

Module 2: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Trainers
2.0 Integrating artificial intelligence in education
2.1 AI and the future of education

Module 3: Exploring Artificial Intelligence in Action
3.0 Common AI subsets
3.1 AI-powered tools in education
3.2 Evaluating the efficacy of AI systems

Module 4: Artificial Intelligence in Teaching and Learning
4.0 Activities for trainers
4.1 Activities for your learners

Introducing to Generative AI

Module 1: A guide to Generative Artificial Intelligence
1.0 What is generative artificial intelligence?
1.1 What are large language models?
1.2 Bing Chat for trainers
1.3 Applications of generative AI
1.4 Utilizing generative AI models responsibly through critical thinking

Module 2: Prompt Engineering
2.0 Basic concepts of prompt engineering
2.1 Elements of prompt
2.2 Types of instruction
2.3 Best practices in prompting 

Module 3: AI-powered Image Generator
3.0 AI-powered image utilization in the education field
3.1 Bing Image Creator
3.2 Writing effective AI-image prompts
3.3 Generating different image styles 

Module 4: Generative Artificial Intelligence in Education
4.0 Activities for trainers
4.1 Activities for your learners

AI Toolbox for Trainer

Module 1: Generative AI in Education
1.0 The power of generative AI for learning
1.1 Exploring the potential and limitations of AI
1.2 Cognitive engagement and AI tools

Module 2: Improving the Way Trainers Work
2.0 Utilizing AI in lesson planning
2.1 AI role to support content creation
2.2 Reinventing productivity for trainers with Microsoft 365 Copilot
2.3 Enhancing collaboration and meetings in online learning
2.4 Evaluation, feedback, and assessments with generative AI
2.5 Learners’ self-evaluation using generative AI

Module 3: Learner-centered Learning with AI
3.0 Personalizing learning with generative AI
3.1 Group collaborative learning empowered by AI
3.2 Inclusive and accessible learning
3.3 AI-powered inclusive and accessible learning 

Module 4: Training with AI
4.0 Activities for trainers
4.1 Activities for your learners

Responsible Use of AI in Education

Module 1: Responsible AI
1.0 Introduction to responsible AI principles
1.1 Guidelines for human-AI interaction
1.2 Introduction to the Microsoft Responsible AI Standard 

Module 2: Fairness 
2.0 Fairness in AI
2.1 Ensuring fairness in education

Module 3: Reliability & Safety
3.0 Reliability & safety
3.1 Ensuring reliability and safety in education


Module 4: Privacy & Security
4.0 Technical protections for using AI
4.1 Human-centered governance in utilizing AI 


Module 5: Inclusiveness
5.0 Inclusiveness in AI
5.1 Use cases of AI improving accessibility 

Module 6: Transparency
6.0 Transparency in AI
6.1 Ensuring transparency in AI 


Module 7: Accountability 
7.0 Understanding accountability in utilizing AI
7.1 Purpose of ensuring the accountability of AI systems
7.2 Setting up accountable AI systems

Module 8: Responsible AI Application for Trainers and Learners 
8.0 Responsible use of generative AI activity for trainers
8.1 Responsible use of generative AI activity for your learners

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